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Postus Public Beta Release

Postus release

Postus Public Beta Release

Today we are releasing a public beta of Postus, an automated tool for social media marketing for all individual users.

The social media dashboard is a powerful AI-assistant that allows you to manage Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts from a single Postus account. With Postus, you could compose and schedule social media posts and create relevant images.

Postus helps marketers, content managers, startups, small businesses, and anyone who needs to create social media content to outreach to audiences, schedule and publish content. Our team of professionals worked hard to make the tool best possible.

We value our clients and will try to make the client experience enjoyable.

To get client feedback, we are also launching live chat support.

With the release, clients will enjoy the following tools:

  • Managing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts
  • Composing social media posts
  • Creating relevant images
  • Creating #tags for searches
  • Scheduling posts for the future
  • Live chat support.

In addition to that, Postus also offers an affordable pricing.

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